How I study scripture? (book study)

First, let me say that there is no right or wrong way to study. Do what works for you.

The first thing I do before any study is pray. Ask the Lord to open my eyes, show me direction, give me wisdom, help me understand His word.

I then create a cover sheet. This is the who, what, when, where, why and Who of that book.

I then apply the S.O.A.P. method to a key verse. (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer)

I then go verse by verse of the book I am studying. I write down what stands out to me. I compare my translations (NLT) to the (KJV) and define words that stick out or that I want to understand better. I use a Strong's Concordance for this. If I feel the need, I might write down a prayer or something I feel the Lord is saying to me that I can apply to my life.

You can see the video of this HERE!

Hope all of you have a Blessed day. Hugs, Stacy


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