Verse Mapping

Verse mapping is a neat way to dig into scripture and really define it. You get a better idea of what that scripture means.

How does it work? (it is really easy, I promise)

1. Find a scripture or passage. Anyone will work.
2. Use your everyday translation of the Bible.
3. Mark words you want to define.
4. Define these words.
5. Re-write the scripture, but this time replace the words with their definitions.
6. Write a summary, prayer or what you think that scripture is saying.
7. Write the same scripture in at least 2 other translations.
8. Write down any cross references for this scripture.

Here is one I did on Micah 7:7 (using the NLT translation)

You can see the video HERE!

Hope you all have a Blessed day. Hugs, Stacy


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